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End-to-end Technology Consulting Services and Solution to manage, automate and optimize businesses.

We bring a world of technology solutions to your doorstep at the speed of ideas.… contact us

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ActionPointer Ltd is a company made up of a team of experts with extensive international experience in advanced technology and consulting in over 40 countries. We offer unique technology services and solutions to businesses of all sizes.

Scheduling & Dispatching Software
Engage your core assets from anywhere

We offer software with simple interfaces to easily schedule & dispatch new tasks to local or remote teams seamlessly from anywhere on the go.

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Real-time Agents Visibility
Complete field team view, no black holes anymore

Our field team management software solution gives a helicopter view of all field personnel with ability to zoom in to track progress and every movement of field agents when on-duty.

Data Analytics & Optimization
Excellence at your finger tips

We offer business intelligence and data analytics to businesses across various industries. We can guarantee accurate actionable intelligence based on performance metrics captured promptly to facilitate smarter timely decision making using real-time analytics.

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Focused & Responsive Solutions
Making every second count

We effortlessly integrate any kind of technology solutions to suit our clients’ needs. We have extensive experience in mobile communication (2G, 3G, 4G), software / applications development, transmission (Submarine, Microwave, Fiber, Satellite) and Project/program management. We can help you with a workflow fully adapted to your business objectives and preferences.

What our customers are saying:

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